Rivian Refresh Roundup: What We Know

The highly anticipated Rivian R1 refresh is generating significant buzz among electric vehicle enthusiasts and industry experts alike. With promises of enhanced performance, cutting-edge technology, and sleek design updates, Rivian is set to redefine the electric adventure vehicle market. As we gather all the latest information on the R1’s upcoming features and improvements, this post will serve as your comprehensive resource for staying up-to-date on everything you need to know about Rivian’s newest innovations.

What We Know

Codename “Peregrine”

Peregrine is the codename for the next-generation Rivian R1 platform and cost-savings by shutting the factory down in April of 2024 to streamline. The name is given by Rivian Internal. Peregrine is a type of falcon bird.

Stay tuned to RivianTrackr for the latest news on the R1 refresh. What’s the one thing you are interested in seeing come to the refreshed R1 that we don’t know yet? Please leave it in the comments below!

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