Rivian Tire Guide

There are numerous tire options available for your Rivian, and it will eventually need new tires. The Rivian Tire Guide below lets you filter tires for your Rivian R1 based on various categories such as brand, load index, speed rating, 3PMS, weight, and more. While the chart works on mobile, it’s best on desktops or large displays.

R1T/R1S (2022-2024)

  • 20″ All-Terrain, 20″ All-Terrain Bright, and 20″ All-Terrain Dark run 275/65R20 (34″ tire)
    • Alternatively, 20″ All-Terrain owners can run 275/60R20 (33″ tire) for improved efficiency
  • 21″ Road run 275/55R21 (33″ tire)
  • 22″ Sport and 22″ Sport Dark run 275/50R22 (33″ tire)

R1T/R1S (2025+)

  • 20″ All-Season run 275/60R20 (33″ tire)
  • 20″ All-Terrain, 20″ All-Terrain Dark run 275/65R20 (34″ tire)
    • Alternatively, 20″ All-Terrain owners can run 275/60R20 (33″ tire) for improved efficiency
  • 22″ Sport Bright, 22″ Sport Dark, 22″ Range, and 22″ Ultra High Performance (front only) run 275/50R22 (33″ tire)
  • 22″ Ultra High Performance (rear only) run 305/45R22 (33″ tire)

Rivian Tire Guide

Understanding Tire Lingo

  • Tire Size is measured with a variety of characters. For this example, we will use a P-Metric tire measuring 275/65R20.
    • Section width is the tire width from sidewall to sidewall. In this example, it is 275mm.
    • The aspect ratio refers to the sidewall height as a percentage of the section width. For example, our tire has an aspect ratio of 65 meaning it is 65% of the 275mm section width.
    • Tire construction type refers to the detail of the tire’s construction. In our example, the R stands for radial construction where the tire’s plies run at 90 degrees to the centerline of the tread.
    • Wheel diameter is the last figure in a P-Metric tire sidewall and it measures the rim diameter in inches. In our example, the rim is 20-inches.
  • Load Index indicates how much weight your tire can carry at different inflation pressures. Rivian recommends a minimum of 115 for the Load Index.
  • Load Range indicates the heaviest load the tire can handle in pounds. When looking at load durability, load range E tires are better.
  • Speed Rating is a letter indicating the maximum speed that a tire can safely reach and maintain.
  • The Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG) system displays the tire performance grades.
    • Treadwear grade measures a tire’s wear resistance compared to a control with a 100 rating.
    • Traction grades measure the tire’s ability to stop on a straight, wet surface. The scale consists of AA, A, B, and C with AA being the highest and C being the lowest.
    • Temperature grade measures the tire’s ability to dissipate heat and resist temperature buildup. The scale consists of A, B, and C with A being the highest temperature grade.

Wheel Accessories

Thanks for checking out our Rivian Tire Guide, are you looking for accessories for your Rivian wheels? Check out our expanding Rivian Accessories page for some great products.