Rivian Accessories

I’ve also compiled a list of my favorite Rivian accessories and mods that you might like. Below you’ll find links to a few different sites to which I’m an affiliate and so by using these links, you’ll most likely get a discount and I’ll get a kickback for your purchase.

Affiliate Codes

Did you know you can save on your purchases using the affiliate codes below? Not only do you get a discount, but I also receive a small kickback when you use these codes. It’s a win-win!

  • Electruck 4×4 – Code “RIVIANTRACKR” takes 5% off the entire order
  • S00nish – Code “RIVIANTRACKR” takes 5% off select products
  • Abstract Ocean – Code “RIVIANTRACKR” takes 10% off the entire order
  • EveryAmp – Code “RivianTrackr” takes 10% off the entire order
  • EV-Vida – Use this link and support RivianTrackr when making purchases
  • Tire Rack – Use this link and support RivianTrackr when making purchases
  • Amazon – Use this link and support RivianTrackr when making purchases

Make sure to enter these codes at checkout to enjoy the savings. Thank you for supporting me by using these codes!

Aluminum Heavy Duty Lifting Jack PucksAmazon$159.95
Truck Bed Extender for Rivian R1TAmazon$179.79
Gear Tunnel Door Sill Wrap for Rivian R1TAmazon$29.95
Windshield Sun Shade for Rivian R1TAmazon$24.88
Upgrade R1T R1S Lower Console OrganizerAmazon$31.97
SanDisk 1TB Portable SAmazon$139.99
Screen Protectors Matte/Anti-GlareAmazon$39.95
Matchbox Rivian R1T 2022Amazon$15.95
Rivian Phone Mount Dash Anchor 17mmAmazon$55.97
No-Drill Front Bumper 1/4" Accessory MountEveryAmp$30.00
Wired Phone Dock for Rivian R1T & R1SEveryAmp$15.00
No-Drill, No-Adhesive License Plate HolderEveryAmp$110.00
Rivian R1T Foldable Roof SunshadeEV Vida$43.95
Rivian R1T R1S All Weather Front Trunk MatEV Vida$44.99
HEPA Air Filter ReplacementEV Vida$22.99
Rivian R1S All Weather Trunk MatEV Vida$42.65
Rivian R1S Foldable Roof SunshadeEV Vida$48.99
Click & Charge Premium Wireless Phone ChargerS00nish$149.00
Ditch Light Bracket for Rivian R1T & R1SS00nish$139.00
Air Compressor Hose WinderS00nish$39.00
Key Fob Surround for Rivian R1T & R1SS00nish$54.00
Rear Seats Under-Storage Divider for Rivian R1TAbstract Ocean$19.95
Chrome Delete for Rivian R1SAbstract Ocean$119.95
Satin Black Emblems for Rivian R1SAbstract Ocean$94.99
Satin Black Emblems for Rivian R1TAbstract Ocean$84.99
Tempered Glass Screen ProtectorAbstract Ocean$60.00
B-Pillar Decal InsertAbstract Ocean$15.99
Ultra-Bright Lights for Rivian R1T/R1SAbstract Ocean$10.00
Megawatt Pro Series Billet Jack Puckelectruck4x4$44.99
AgriCover LoMax Tonneau Coverelectruck4x4$1031.90
MAXTRAX XTREME Recovery Boardselectruck4x4$549.99
Campstream One for Rivian R1S and R1Telectruck4x4$499.00
Megawatt Performance Rock Sliders for R1Telectruck4x4$2199.00
Silicone Hook Covers - PairAbstract Ocean$27.99