Want to know how to update your Rivian vehicle? Check out our FAQ which helps answer questions on how to select things with your software.

How do I update my Rivian vehicle?

You’ll receive a notification and details on the update via the Rivian app and through your in-vehicle information display. Once delivered through Wi-Fi or cellular (Wi-Fi is preferred), you can perform the update installation at a time that is convenient for you. During the update, your vehicle will be inoperable and needs to be parked and have a minimum level of battery range. The duration of the update may vary, but most updates finish in about an hour.

How do I make sure I have the latest software on my Rivian vehicle?

You can view your vehicle’s current software version by tapping Settings > Vehicle > Updates in the center display or by visiting the Vehicle Software Settings in the About section of the Rivian app. Match this up with the latest Public Release listed right here on RivianTrackr.

How do I enable Car Wash Mode?

To put your Rivian vehicle into Car Wash Mode, choose Vehicle > Access and Security> Click the Car Wash button in the lower right corner.

How often does Rivian release new software updates?

Software update release dates vary on so many things including bug fixes and new features. As of January 2024, Rivian has released at least one new update each month.

How do I perform a reset on my Rivian vehicle?

  • Sleep Reset
    • Rivian must be unplugged from the charger, nothing plugged into any USB ports, Inverter off, all seatbelts unbuckled, and no one in the vehicle. Then lock and walk away for at least 30 minutes.
  • Infotainment Reset
    • Hold the far left and far right buttons on the steering wheel for about 15 seconds. This fixes issues having to do with the screens, hotspots, Alexa not working, glitchy navigation, etc.
  • Full reset
    • Hold the far left button on the steering wheel and the emergency flasher button for about 15 seconds. The entire computer will restart.
    • According to Rivian support DO NOT RESET AGAIN FOR AT LEAST 1 HOUR after this procedure. Multiple systems may take a bit longer to fully come up after this reset.

When will a specific new feature be released by Rivian?

While we offer a Software Wishlist, this is strictly created by owners for things we would love to see. The best way to see what new features are coming to your vehicle is to follow the official Rivian Twitter account. This is where they will share new features coming to your vehicle.

What does the software version number mean?

  • Take for example the update 2022.27.02. What do these numbers mean? Let’s break this down:
    • 2022 is the year the update was developed in
    • 27 is the week the update was created so in this case the update was created on the week of July 19th
    • 02 is the revision of the update so in this case, this is the 2nd revision of 2022.27
  • The typical pattern that we’ve determined is that Rivian releases an update every 4 weeks (give or take a week). Updates are also usually tested for about a month internally before being released to the public.