I believe in full transparency and so this page is designed to tell you everything you need to know about how RivianTrackr will remain transparency and honest with you. This is RivianTrackr’s Transparency Policy.

Affiliate Links

There are various affiliate links on this website and social media channels. When I like a product, I try to reach out to the vendor to see if they are interested in having me be an affiliate. Typically this allows me to give you a link where you save a few bucks while I make a few bucks. I will only share links to products I have tried myself so you know that I trust it for my own Rivian.

Free Products

Many vendors reach out to send free products for me to review and very often I turn them down because I either have no interest in the product or the quality seems uncertain. But sometimes, a product comes across my email that I’m really interested in and would love to review it. I ensure I tell the vendor that my review will be honest and that I will share if there are any negatives with them so they can ensure they fix it for future owners. If a product is sent for free, I will always disclose this.


Any money made via affiliate links, YouTube, or Twitter is directly tied right back into RivianTrackr. Every cent I make from RivianTrackr goes right back into a few things:

  • Monthly Rivian car payment
  • Accessories for me to review
  • Equipment to improve the quality of my content

Very few dollars are left at the end of the day that goes directly into my pocket.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to my using the contact page.