Hi, my name is Jose Castillo and I run RivianTrackr! Here’s a little bit about me to get to know me.

As a proud R1T owner, I wanted to provide owners and future owners with all the information about Rivian software in one single place. What Rivian is doing by integrating software and hardware together to create a unique and comprehensive user experience is phenomenal but there really hasn’t been a single place to see all of the changes that have been coming to Rivian vehicles since the first few cars left the factory in 2021. This is why I created RivianTrackr.

As I looked at ways to grow the site, I collaborated with various different networks where Rivian owners hang out and decided to create our very own Rivian Software Wishlist tool. This tool allows owners to submit features they would like to see come to the Rivian software stack and vote on them. While I do not take credit at all for it, we are grateful that many submissions have turned into real software features launched by Rivian.

Of course, it should be noted that everything on this site is done as a fan of Rivian and other than the official release notes that Rivian publishes, everything else is unofficial and done for owners like me.

Thank you for visiting my little piece of the internet. If you enjoy what you see here, follow RivianTrackr on Twitter and join the Rivian Discord where I hang out all day.