First Look: Rivian R1S Refresh Features Detailed in Fresh Images

Rivian Forums user HAL9000 shared some of the best photos of the refreshed R1S we’ve seen yet!

Here’s what I’ve noticed from these close-up photos:

  • Redesigned lightbar
  • Redesigned foglight with turn signal now enclosed there
  • Redesigned stadium lights
  • Redesigned internal charging port
    • The charging light that used to surround the CCS port is now removed. In its place, there is an “Eject” button which lights up when you are charging the vehicle.
  • Redesigned side-view mirrors with additional cameras
  • There is a new indentation in the handle
    • What is currently unknown is if this is there to help people determine how to open the door handle or for some other purpose.
  • This particular R1S does not have any tow hooks which is rumored to be an add-on with the refresh.
  • New 20″ wheel design
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