Seattle Abuzz with Rumors of Rivian R1 Refresh Event This Week

Various sources have contacted RivianTrackr to let us know that an event is potentially occurring this week in Seattle, WA. The event is rumored to be related to the upcoming R1 refresh, which will be announced any day now that the April factory shutdown in Normal, IL is complete.

Here’s what we know and what we can speculate:

  • Seattle Rivian Space is closed this week
  • Multiple refreshed R1 vehicles spotted around Seattle (Thanks @ChenJabin)
  • Rivian was filming in Seattle with a new R1S featuring new design elements

Unrelated to Seattle but most likely related to the R1 refresh, most current Rivian incentives end next week around June 5th leading me to believe that we could see some announcement very soon after that.

If you’re in the Seattle area, keep a lookout and let us know what you see!

What’s something you want to see come to the refreshed Rivian R1?

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