Rivian Launches 2024.11 Update & New Charging Reliability Score System

Rivian has just released its latest software update 2024.11 which features a nice selection of new improvements and bug fixes. One of those is the new Rivian Charging Reliability Score.

Rivian owners will now be able to see how reliable a DC Fast Charger is based on real-world data and experiences from other Rivian owners. This is industry-first which has been enabled thanks in part to the amazing commitment from Rivian on releasing new over-the-air software updates so frequently.

Here’s how the new charging score works:

When a Rivian owner plugs into a fast charger on any network, including Tesla Superchargers, the vehicle will collect relevant data such as average top speed, payment success, and overall session success. When enough owners have visited a select fast charger, Rivian will dynamically assign that site a reliability score from A (highest) to F (lowest).

Rivian has managed to integrate these new charging scores seamlessly into its software both in the vehicle and in the mobile app trip planner to give owners a worry-free charging experience. The vehicle navigation will take into account the best driving route based on the desired arrival range and preferred charging networks. It will also now prioritize fast charging locations with the best charging score and direct owners to those.

Owners will be able to find the charging site score in several places on the vehicle UI and on the Rivian app including:

  • Tap the charging site icon from within the map on the Rivian app
  • The center display of the vehicle
  • Within a trip plan

In addition to the score, you’ll be able to see the charging network name, maximum charging speed, and real-time information about the number of chargers in use when available. Additional metrics include hours of operation (if applicable), average top charging speed based on real Rivian owner data, site details, and pricing.

Since this system is new, some fast-charging sites may not have a score assigned yet. As more Rivian owners use these sites, Rivian will collect the data required to assign charging scores.

To begin using this feature, you’ll want to make sure you have the latest software update.

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