Get Your Free RivianTrackr Stickers!

I’m very excited to offer you the chance to get up to 2 free RivianTrackr stickers! Show off your support for RivianTrackr by adding these stylish stickers to your Rivian, computer, water bottle, and more!

To claim your stickers, simply fill out the form below. I’ll take care of the postage cost, so there’s no charge to you. However, if you’d like to support RivianTrackr and help us continue providing great content, you can donate my “Buy me a coffee!” button on this page.

The RivianTrackr Sticker is a 3″ x 3″ circular decal showcasing the RivianTrackr rainbow compass logo, encircled by the website URL and tagline. Crafted from thick, durable vinyl, it offers excellent protection against scratches, water, and sunlight.

RivianTrackr Sticker Sample 3" x 3"

Thank you for being a part of the RivianTrackr community!