Rivian Hosts Software Q&A At San Jose, CA R2 Event

Earlier today, I shared a few details from an impromptu Q&A hosted by Wassym from Rivian. Thanks to The Kilowatts for sharing a video of this event. I’ve broken down all the details from the event including some new information.

Apple Watch As A Key

This is something the Rivian team is working on. This takes a long time due to the certifications and partnerships that need to happen with Apple. This will help improve the customer experience and not just feature lock/unlock but bring other benefits.

Android Support

Android is important to Rivian but Apple makes integration much easier because of the finite number of devices in the ecosystem. Android integration continues to be important and is focused on the Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy devices.

SiriusXM and Pandora

SiriusXM is coming later this year. Rivian is in the final steps of integration working with SiriusXM for a fantastic digital experience of not just radio but a full suite of apps. Rivian is also working to bring Pandora Radio to Rivian vehicles alongside SiriusXM.

Video Streaming

Video streaming has been discussed before and it is coming. Rivian doesn’t want to give a specific date other than probably in Q2 2024. Rivian has been playing with video streaming internally and the team loves the quality. It will also come with a surround sound experience.

Driver+ Subscription & Connectivity Subscription

A Driver+ subscription is coming which will enable some incredible features. Later in the year, we’ll see a connectivity subscription with some great entertainment options.

R2 UI Design

It’s coming to R1 later this year.

Apple Music

*wink wink nudge nudge*


Rivian is working on a summon feature for the Rivian R2 and most likely the refreshed R1 with the new array of sensors and cameras.

Driver Display Customization

Rivian is working on a full array of customizations for the driver display. This will come after the UI refresh.

Turn Signal Chime

Rivian is going to work on bringing a louder turn signal and some different chimes.

Custom Alarm Sound

In the plans!

Weak Horn

It’ll be fixed in R2

Voice Commands

Rivian admits the current voice experience is awful and they are working to bring a new and improved experience.

More Mapped Roads

#1 priority for the Highway Assist team is increasing coverage.

Tank Turn

It has been a long debate internally since we announced it would not come to Rivian due to environmental concerns. Rivian is working on an option to still bring something like this to market.

Automatic Parking

This is on the roadmap and will most likely require hardware upgrades.

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