Rivian Friends and Family Discount Returns on 2023 or 2024 R1T

Exciting news for Rivian enthusiasts! The Rivian Friends and Family Discount is back, offering substantial savings on the 2023 and 2024 R1T electric trucks with the Large battery pack. This limited-time offer provides a fantastic $6,000 discount, making it an excellent opportunity to own or lease one of these cutting-edge vehicles. Here are the details you need to know:

Discount Details

  • Offer: $6,000 off a 2023 or 2024 R1T with Large battery pack
  • Validity: Available for both lease and purchase
  • Delivery Deadline: Must take delivery by September 30

How It Works

Rivian employees are allocated ten discount codes each to share with friends and family. To sweeten the deal, employees receive a $500 referral bonus for each order completed using their discount code. However, there are a few essential requirements for customers to qualify:

  1. Pre-Order Requirement: Customers must have already placed an order for an R1T before contacting a Rivian employee for the discount.
  2. Employee Contact: If you’re a Rivian employee and want to share this fantastic offer, or if you’re a customer seeking to benefit from the discount, reach out to [email protected]. I’ll connect you with Rivian employees eager to help you save on your new R1T.
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