Rivian Adventure Network Opening To Compatible EVs In 2024 + New Charger Design

Rivian has showcased its next-gen Rivian Adventure Network charger capable of charging a wide array of EVs. Rivian plans to open its fast-charging network to other EVs later this year.

These chargers will deliver rapid charging to 400- and 800-volt packs and feature CCS connectors with support for NACS-equipped vehicles with an approved adapter. Support for native NACS will come with a future hardware update.

Each Rivian Adventure Network charger will also include a larger display and tap-to-pay terminal to enable effortless use with or without the Rivian mobile app. Rivian drivers will continue to have the seamless authentication experience they love today.

Starting later this year, Rivian plans for all new Adventure Network sites to be built using the company’s next-generation charger; existing charging sites will be retrofitted with new chargers to accommodate EVs of different shapes and sizes. Where practical, sites will be built with a trailer-friendly charger to accommodate vehicles that are towing.

By opening its network, Rivian will also qualify for an expanded set of national initiatives such as the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program, in addition to more state and utility programs that support expanded EV charging nationwide.

The Rivian Adventure Network is powered by 100% renewable energy.

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