Software Update 2023.30

One-Touch Garage Door Opener

You now have a quicker and easier way to open or close a garage door. After you set a location for a garage, a prompt appears on the driver display when you approach or leave that garage. You can then press the right thumb control button on the right side of the steering wheel to open or close the garage door. If you have multiple paired garages at the same location, use the thumbwheel to scroll and then select the appropriate garage.

Before you begin, park near and in front of the garage when you set the location.

  • For an existing paired garage, the next time you open or close that garage door, you will be prompted to set the location of the garage on the center display. You can also set the location of an existing garage by going to Settings > Connect > Garages.
  • When pairing a new garage, you will have the option to set the location at the end of the pairing process.


  • When you enter a vehicle that is parked at a set location, press the brake pedal to enable the steering wheel controls.
  • You can still choose the Garages button in the status bar on the center display to open or close a garage door.

We’ve made it more convenient to plan trips and get on the road:

  • Search results for places now include the drive times next to the results as you type. Choose the drive time to go straight to navigation. You can still choose a result on the list to view details and a preview of the route before you start your trip.
  • Charging stops that are part of your trip now appear with pins that show the planned charging time and charger speed – the faster the speed, the greater the number of lightning bolt icons. Tap the charger pin to view details about the charger’s network, availability, and speed.
  • When you arrive at a charging stop that is part of your trip, you see the target charge level under the arrival message. This tells you how much you’re supposed to charge during the stop.
New Text Address Sharing From Smartphone To Vehicle Navigation

You can now share text addresses from your smartphone to your vehicle navigation, including addresses in text, emails, calendars, notes, and other apps.

On your smartphone, for any address in text that you can highlight or long-press, choose Share, and then choose the Rivian mobile app to send it to your vehicle navigation. The Share option is also supported for Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Yelp.

EVgo Autocharge+ Support

EVgo Autocharge+ now supports Rivian vehicles. To enroll in Autocharge+ in the EVgo app, go to the Vehicles tab, add your vehicle to your profile, and follow the on-screen instructions to verify your vehicle’s VIN and complete enrollment. Once enrolled, you can plug in your vehicle to start a charging session. The EVgo network automatically detects your vehicle and associates its charging with your EVgo account.


If you don’t see the Autocharge+ option, you can remove your vehicle from your profile and then add it again.

Additional Improvements
  • Locking and unlocking:
    • Improved the responsiveness of proximity and active unlocking with any key, when the vehicle is asleep.
    • Added independent lock and unlock options to the center display. These options let you know when the vehicle is partially unlocked and provide a quick way to fully lock or unlock the vehicle.
  • DC fast charging:
    • Improved DC fast charging speed, by up to 2.5 minutes, at high battery temperatures. Thanks to Kyle, Out of Spec, for your videos!
    • Reduced battery cooling noise during DC fast charging, at high battery temperatures.
  • Driver+:
    • Added a chime that sounds when Adaptive Cruise Control disengages.
    • Added a message that appears on the driver display before the vehicle reaches the maximum speed allowed for Highway Assist and disengages Highway Assist.
    • Fixed a rare issue in which the driver display indicated that Adaptive Cruise Control was active when it actually wasn’t.
  • Alexa:
    • Added commands so you can turn the third-row vents on or off and control their fan speed. For example, you can say, “Alexa, turn on the third-row vents,” or “Alexa, set the third-row fan to maximum.” (R1S only)
    • Fixed a rare issue in which Alexa acknowledged but didn’t play a requested Amazon Music Podcast.
    • Fixed a rare issue in which Alexa didn’t respond after you asked Alexa to perform a car control command when you weren’t logged into Alexa and you changed the units of measurement for the temperature settings.
  • Added a control to allow you to disconnect your smartphone from Bluetooth.
  • Fixed a rare issue in which Bluetooth audio or the Phone app disconnected after you updated or restarted the software.
  • Fixed an issue in which multiple phones weren’t properly displayed on the Drivers and Keys screen if they were paired to the same profile.
  • Fixed a rare issue in which part of the driver display remained in day mode when you switched the displays from day to night mode.

If you have questions about installing a new update on your Rivian vehicle, make sure to visit our FAQ page.