Software Update 2022.11.02

New Car Wash Mode

Car Wash mode closes the windows, locks the charge port door, and pauses other functions while you wash your car. To use Car Wash mode, choose Vehicle from the menu on the center display.

Updated TuneIn Design

We’ve improved the user interface, features, performance, and responsiveness of TuneIn.

Improved DC Fast Charging Performance

We enabled the support of 500 A charging.

Additional Improvements

This software release includes the following:

  • Improved traction control in muddy terrain
  • Added Low right height in Conserve drive mode as a manual setting
  • Improved ride height leveling accuracy
  • Improved range loss consistency while the vehicle is sleeping
  • Improved interoperability with third-party public chargers
  • Improved passenger detection so climate, media, and other features stay active while the driver is away, and rear passengers remain in the vehicle
  • The vehicle now selects the cellular network as a preferred network when the vehicle is not in Park
  • A new user interface for Phone panel with numeric keypad and mute button
  • Addressed loss of connectivity in rare cases
  • Improved defrost heating and air circulation
  • Improved Auto behavior for climate controls
  • Improved the automatic brightness and white balance when the select the backup camera view or bird’s eye view
  • Improved Gear Guard detection in low light and snow conditions
  • Improved Gear Guard activation at Home
  • Improved stability of the infotainment system
  • Improved performance of Adaptive Cruise Control and Highway Assist

If you have questions about installing a new update on your Rivian vehicle, make sure to visit our FAQ page.

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