Software Update 2024.03.02

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Quick Controls

The former Vehicle app is now replaced by a new quick controls feature. Use quick controls to instantly access commonly used vehicle controls, such as doors, lights, and exterior mirrors. Choose Vehicle at the top of the center display (or swipe from the left of the screen) to open the Access panel. At the top of the Access panel, choose Shortcuts to access other controls, such as Car Wash, Pet Comfort, and Windows Locks.


To show Quick Controls automatically when the vehicle is in Park, go to Settings > Vehicle > Access to select the preference.

Individual Passenger Window Locking

With Window Locks, you now have the ability to customize which passenger windows to lock. Go to Vehicle > Shortcuts > Window Locks > Edit to select the windows. By default, Window Locks both rear passenger windows (not the front passenger window).

Ride Feel And Ride Height Improvements
  • Expanded the selection of Ride Feel settings for on-road Drive Modes, each curated to accentuate the characteristic of the mode.
    • Firm: A more connected driving experience.
    • Moderate: The best balance of ride and handling for daily driving in All-Purpose, Conserve, and Snow modes.
    • Soft: Improved isolation from road and terrain imperfections
  • Improved Ride Feel in Conserve mode with smoother negotiation over speed bumps, potholes, and driveways at lower speeds.
  • In collaboration with the winning Rivian Rebelle Rally team, improved performance in Soft Sand mode by expanding Ride Height and Ride Feel selections for increased maneuverability in sand and when cresting dunes.
Gear Guard’s Late-Night Adventure

Do you ever wish Gear Guard was real? We do.

Gear Guard with his camera
Additional Improvements
  • Improved user notification for lane centering in the Highway Assist re-engage function.
  • Added the ability to extend the power outlet time while the outlets are on.
  • You can now drive up to 10 kph with the vehicle lighting in Off or Parking mode. This is helpful when camping, for example, as a courtesy to neighbouring camp sites. (CANADA ONLY)
  • Driver+
    • Updated a notification in the Highway Assist re-engage function.
    • Highway Assist is now available on most interchanges (roads connecting two freeways).
    • Fixed a very rare issue that prevented Highway Assist from reacting to an extremely close vehicle ahead when traveling at less than 5 mph (8 km/h).
  • Infotainment
    • You can now use a QR code to more quickly connect to the vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot. To access the QR code, choose Hotspot in the status bar on the center display.
    • Fixed a rare issue that prevented the Settings icon from appearing in the app tray.
    • Fixed a rare issue that caused the seat calibration panel to appear when Adaptive Cruise Control engaged.
    • Fixed an issue that caused a notification to partially obstruct the camera view when the vehicle was shifted into Reverse.
    • Fixed a rare issue that caused Bluetooth audio to glitch after a hands-free phone call ended.
  • In the Rivian mobile app, when charging your vehicle away from home, you now receive a notification when charging is complete. When you charge at a Rivian Waypoints or Adventure Network, the notification also includes any idle fees, if applicable.
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused the mirrors to unfold when you exited the vehicle.
  • Fixed a rare issue that increased overnight range loss when Proximity Locking was set to Lock Only at home, the vehicle was at home, and the phone was within Bluetooth range of the vehicle.
  • Fixed a very rare issue that prevented scheduled drive preconditioning from pulling power from the charger, even though the settings was enabled.

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