Software Update 2023.50.01

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Scheduled Drive

You can now create schedules in the new Climate Schedule panel in the center display (or in the Rivian mobile app version 2.5.1 or higher) to precondition the vehicle cabin and the high-voltage battery before planned drives. For example, in cold climates, you can schedule your vehicle to warm up before an anticipated departure time. Go to Fan > Schedule in the center display to create as many schedules as you need–ones for different days of the week or even multiple schedules for the same day.

  • Set the desired days and times of departure, cabin temperature, seat heat or vent, and steering wheel heat.
  • If you have Time-of-Use program with your utility company, you can opt to draw power directly from the grid outside of the set Charge Schedule (only if the vehicle is plugged into a charger).

Additionally, for consistent drive performance, you can now keep your vehicle plugged in to maintain optimal battery pack condition without impacting range.


Keeping the vehicle plugged in outside of the Charge Schedule could potentially incur unexpected utility costs, such as on-peak charges. Check with your utility company to understand the pricing model for your charging location.

Regenerative Brake Assist

The new Regenerative Brake Assist feature improved deceleration performance in cold climates, on long downhills, and in vehicle high states of charge by blending more consistently and seamlessly with standard braking. To disable this feature, go to Settings > Driver+ > Regen Brake Assist.

Automatic Wiper Sensitivity Control

We added the ability to select from three automatic wiper sensitivity levels to suit your preference. Use Auto mode to access these settings.

  • When you toggle the wiper switch down to Auto, it changes to the highest sensitivity level.
  • Toggle the switch down again in Auto mode to decrease the sensitivity, and then up to increase it.

Instead of toggling, you can also hold the wiper switch up to jump to Storm, or hold the wiper switch down to jump to Auto. When you jump down to Auto, it recalls your previously selected sensitivity setting.

Improved Auto-Hold Performance For Snow Mode

Improved the consistency and the performance of auto-hold in snow and grade conditions.

Additional Improvements
  • Fixed a very rare issue that caused range loss of 4% per day on some vehicles due to intermittent wake events during sleep.
  • Improved vehicle maneuverability at low speeds.
  • Improved throttle control when in Reverse.
  • Improved the warning zone for the motor temperature gauge to take into account vehicle pre-conditioning, especially in cold weather conditions.
  • Redesigned the in-vehicle Owner’s Guide to improve navigation and searchability.
  • Fixed a Navigation issue in trip overview mode that prevented zooming and following when traveling from the current location to a destination.
  • Fixed a Navigation issue that caused the map orientation to change when you switched between apps.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the keyboard to disappear when you typed in a Wi-Fi password.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Bluetooth media to shut off after a vehicle software update and during sleep and wake cycles.
  • Fixed a very rare issue that impacted charging at cold temperatures for some vehicles with large-pack batteries.

If you have questions about installing a new update on your Rivian vehicle, make sure to visit our FAQ page.