Software Update 2023.46

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Highway Assist – Auto Reengagement After Lane Change

Highway Assist now automatically reengages after you change lanes.

  • While Highway Assist is active, use your turn signal and then change lanes.
  • When you center the vehicle in the new lane, the turn signal turns off and Highway Assist reengages automatically.


More details are available. Choose Owner’s Guide from the menu on the center display. Search for Highway Assist.

You can now add multiple stops along your route and during trip planning for a customized navigation experience. Also, you can use the Rivian mobile app and Google Maps to send a multi-stop trip directly to your vehicle.

  • Before you go or during active navigation guidance, on the center display, choose Open to open your Trip Details with the option to Add Stop.
  • During active guidance, choose Add to add your next stop
  • There are multiple ways to edit your trip:
    • Swipe to remove a stop, or choose Delete when you are editing your trip.
    • Drag to reorder stops.
    • Choose Edit at the top of the Trip Details screen to edit your trip.
  • You can also add charging stops, which are shown as lightning bolts on the map. Select a charging location and choose Add Stop.

You can now get where you’re going with more accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) and better route selection. We will continue to improve this in future updates.

Mobile – Add Stops And Save Trips

Now with the Rivian mobile app 2.5.0 and later, you can plan multi-stop trips in advance, save them, and send them to your vehicle.

  • To access these features in the mobile app, go to the Explore tab.
  • Go to the map to create a trip or choose Add in the Saved Trips section.
  • Choose Save to add a trip to your saved trips.
  • You can now add stops to a trip by choosing Add stop.
    • Drag-and-drop to reorder stops.
    • You can also swipe left to remove a saved trip.
Clear Vehicle Settings

For your privacy, Clear Settings removes personal information and preferences from your vehicle. It also reverts user settings to default factory settings.

  • To access this feature on the center display, go to Settings > Service > Clear Settings.
  • To learn more about transferring vehicle ownership, scan the QR code in the Clear Settings screen.
Service Mode

Service Mode makes it easier for service technicians to perform maintenance on your vehicle. On the center display, go to Settings > Service > Service Mode.

Additional Improvements
  • Charging
    • Fixed an issue with the vehicle restarting scheduled charging after it was manually stopped.
    • Fixed an issue in which a charge session shows as completed before reaching the user-defined charge limit.
  • To avoid splashing passengers when entering or exiting the vehicle, now the front wipers temporarily pause while the vehicle is in Park and either front door is open. Wipers resume when the doors are closed.
  • Fixed a rare instance in which the Brake Regen button in Drive Modes didn’t display setting options.
  • Fixed an issue in which the center display showed an incorrect screen when exiting seat calibration.
  • Fixed a rare issue in which the vehicle location in the Navigation app inaccurately jumps forward when the vehicle is slowing to a stop.
  • Fixed a rare issue in which the Mobile app incorrectly shows the doors as open and the range as zero.
  • Infotainment
    • Fixed an issue on the center display in which the phone panel didn’t disappear after ending a call.
    • Fixed an issue in which the Play button on the Media panel doesn’t respond when the queue is empty.
    • Fixed an issue in which, after restarting the software, the Radio panel is blank until you select a radio station.
    • Fixed a rare issue in which declining to sync contacts during Bluetooth pairing doesn’t dismiss the Loading contacts message.

If you have questions about installing a new update on your Rivian vehicle, make sure to visit our FAQ page.

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