Software Update 2023.42.02

Editor’s Note: This update is identical to 2023.42.00 but resolves the issue where it would prevent the infotainment from working and being in a constant reboot cycle. Impacted owners will receive this update while everyone else will get 2023.42.01

Proximity Locking And Unlocking Improvements
  • We improved proximity unlock speed in most situations for passive entry with mobile phones and the key fob. This improvement includes new optimizations for Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro phones.


  • We recommend and actively validate all major flagship phones from Apple, Google, and Samsung released in the last 3 years, such as iPhone 12 or newer, Google Pixel 6 or newer, and Samsung Galaxy S21 or newer.
  • We recommend updating to the latest phone operating system (iOS or Android) and the latest Rivian mobile app software release for optimal performance.
  • Proximity locking at home now offers “Lock only” in the Settings > Vehicle> Access menu. You will see these three options for all active proximity keys:
    • Lock and Unlock (default): Lock and unlock when at home.
    • Lock only: Lock but don’t unlock when at home. With this setting, you must actively unlock the vehicle with a key.
    • Off: Don’t lock or unlock when at home. With this setting, you must actively lock and unlock the vehicle with a key.
Vehicle Access Improvements
  • Reduced the number of false present key to drive notifications.
  • We added a new Service notification that will appear when the vehicle detects an issue with an access sensor.
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused the loss of phone-as-key functionality on Android.
Rivian Mobile App Improvements

We made the following improvements in the Rivian mobile app 2.4.0 or later:

  • While in Car Wash mode, the vehicle image in the app updates to reflect Car Wash mode, and the lock and unlock controls remain available even when the vehicle isn’t in Park.
  • When a closure is open on the vehicle, a telltale now appears on the app. Drag down on the telltale to identify the open closure (hood, door, window, tailgate, Gear Tunnel door, or charge port door). You have the option to quickly access the control to close the open closure or are given instructions to close it manually.

Also, on all mobile app versions, a push notification appears when either of the following occurs:

  • A charge session at any charge is interrupted unexpectedly and stops.
  • A charger is plugged in but isn’t charging because the cable isn’t properly latched.
Additional Improvements
  • For Dual-Motor vehicles, fixed an issue in the Drive Modes app that prevented access to Gauge view.
  • For Dual-Motor and Performance Dual-Motor vehicles, improved robustness of auto-AWD (All-Wheel Drive) performance and fault detection.
  • Addressed a rare 12 V battery sensor issue that caused range loss on some vehicles.
  • Infotainment:
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the adjustment of incoming call ringtone volume with the steering wheel controls.
    • Shortened the Bluetooth connection time between the vehicle and a phone.
    • Fixed an occasional Bluetooth issue that prevented phone contacts from syncing.
    • Fixed an issue with specific connected Bluetooth devices that prevented the Now Playing queue from updating correctly when changing tracks.
    • Fixed a rare issue that prevented the media panel for Bluetooth media from displaying.
    • Fixed a rare issue that caused the drive display to appear in the wrong day or night mode.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented apps from consistently switching between day and night mode.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Wi-Fi to inadvertently turn on when the user selected a different language.


After this update, the first time Media is launched, it will open FM Radio. After that, Media will open the last-used media source.

  • Driver+:
    • Highway Assist now proactively reduces vehicle speed to navigate tight curves more smoothly and safely.
    • Improved speed limit detection in Highway Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control by limiting engagement to divided highways only. When you’re not driving on a divided highway, Adaptive Cruise Control now engages at the current vehicle speed regardless of the setting.

If you have questions about installing a new update on your Rivian vehicle, make sure to visit our FAQ page.

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