Software Update 2023.34

New Set Speed Option For Highway Assist And Adaptive Cruise Control

In Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) or Highway Assist (HWA), you can now select from the following Set Speed preferences:

  • Speed Limit: Sets the speed to the detected speed limit for the road (new default).
  • Current Speed: Sets the speed to the current vehicle speed at the time of engagement.


When Speed Limit is the set preference, and you engage ACC or HWA, the vehicle selects either your current speed or the detected speed limit, whichever is higher. After engagement, to update the set speed to the detected speed limit, push the drive stalk all the way down for 0.5 seconds and then release.

Improved Handling And Ride Comfort

We improved ride quality across all drive modes and ride heights. Improvements include:

  • Increased ride comfort in All-Purpose Soft Ride mode, and improved balance between ride and handling in Sport Mode.
  • Reduced abruptness when driving over sharp road impacts in all drive modes, and reduced harshness when driving over bumps and dips at parking lot speeds.
New Phone Call Features

We added new Phone call features. You can now:

  • Use the multi-functional thumb controls on the left side of the steering wheel to mute the microphone or incoming call ringtone, swap between two active calls, or hold the current call and accept a new one.
  • In the center display, place an existing call on hold and use a second keypad to make another call. Merge calls for a 3-way conversation between you and two other parties.
  • In Contacts, choose a phone number to make an immediate call, or choose an address to open it in the Navigation app.
New Drive Mode Option In The Rivian Mobile App Trip Planner

With Rivian mobile app 2.2.0, you can now select a drive mode under Trip Preferences in the “Plan a trip” screen. When you plan a trip, selecting a drive mode calculates the necessary charging stops and ranges for that mode.


Selecting a drive mode doesn’t change the mode on your vehicle.

New Screen Clean Feature

The new Screen Clean feature disabled the driver, center, and rear display screens, allow you to clean the screens without interacting with them.

  • Go to Vehicle > Service and choose Start Cleaning under Screen Clean.
  • Press and hold Done for 3 seconds to immediately cancel Screen Clean; otherwise Screen Clean automatically cancels after 5 minutes.


Shifting the vehicle out of Park also cancels Screen Clean.

Additional Improvements
  • Improved range loss by more than 25% during sleep when the vehicle is home and Gear Guard is set to Off at Home, or when Gear Guard is disabled.
  • Enhanced security checks for cloud-based remote operations between the Rivian mobile app and the vehicle. Thanks to contributors from the Home Assistant and electraFi communities for the suggestion.


After the software update, if remote commands from the mobbile app to the vehicle do not work, go to Security and Access > Drivers and keys in the mobile app, delete your phone as a key, and then re-add it.

  • With mobile app 2.2.0 or later, you will now receive a notification when the vehicle detects a 12 V battery issue.
  • Infotainment:
    • Fixed a rare issue that prevented the keyboard from appearing in the Navigation app or Owner’s Guide when Search was selected.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented current album information from appearing in the driver display.
    • Fixed an issue that caused third-row vents to stay on after the seats were vacated (R1S).
    • Fixed a rare issue that prevented the app tray and notification bar from responding to touch.
    • Fixed a Bluetooth issue that caused the vehicle to attempt to connect to a paired phone during a software update.
  • Driver+ now generates a preemptive warning when a reduction in lane line visibility prevents Highway Assist from sustaining performance.
  • Fixed an occasional issue that prevented windows from fully opening or closing.

If you have questions about installing a new update on your Rivian vehicle, make sure to visit our FAQ page.

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