Software Update 2023.26

Fast Access From App Launcher

Enjoy a new way to access apps on the center display. The app launcher feature gives you faster access to five (5) of your favorite apps and your most recent app. You’ll see these apps shown at the bottom center of the center display.

You can access or customize your apps by starting at the app tray, and then swiping up on the app tray handle. From the expanded app menu, press and hold an app, and then drag it down to one of the available slots on the app tray. For details, choose Owner’s Guide from the menu on the center display.

Keys to Adventure

The Rivian mobile app now lets you add up to four (4) phone keys to access your vehicle. There are two primary ways to do this:

  • Download the Rivian mobile app on the new phone you want to use as a key. Sign into your account on the new phone, then go to the Vehicle tab and select Set up phone key. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You can invite a new driver by going to the Vehicle tab > Dashboard > Drivers and keys card > Keys, and select Invite a driver.


The new driver receives an email with additional instructions, including how to download the app and create a Rivian account. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Additional Improvements
  • Range loss:
    • The vehicle now provides a more accurate estimate for range after it sleeps or idles for a long time.
    • Fixed a rare issue in which some vehicles maintained their 12 V batteries too frequently, causing an increase of overnight range loss.
    • Unless the battery is preconditioning, Climate Control now turns on when the door is opened instead of when the vehicle is unlocked.
  • For AC charging, if the connector becomes too warm, the vehicle automatically lowers the power to safely continue charging, and a message appears on the driver and center displays.
  • Driver+:
    • Improved lane centering robustness with better lane negotiation during Highway Assist.
    • Fixed a rare issue with the visual alerts not appearing when the vehicle makes slight course corrections during Lane Keeping Assist.
    • Addressed a rare issue in which canceling Adaptive Cruise Control at very low speeds by holding up the driver stalk could shift the vehicle into Reverse.
  • We’ve added new ways to automatically or manually turn on or turn off the truck bed lights. For details, choose Owner’s Guide from the menu on the center display. Highlights include: (R1T)
    • Opening or closing the powered tonneau cover automatically turns on the lights.
    • While the tailgate is unlocked and opened, press the tailgate button on the exterior side rail to turn on or turn off the lights.
    • After the truck bed lights turn off while the vehicle is locked, you have 30 seconds to turn them on again.
    • The lights don’t automatically turn on while in Camping > Stay off mode.
  • We’ve updated the sound system software to prevent an occasional issue in which the audio is muffled.
  • Gear Guard security system:
    • You can now preview your list of recorded incidents while driving. Note that for safety, the feature still doesn’t allow playing them while driving.
    • Fixed a rare issue for the Gear Guard animation so that it deactivates when it detects a person in the vehicle.
  • Phone app:
    • To respond to automated phone systems, the phone keypad on the center display now generates telecommunication touch-tone signals.
    • Fixed a rare issue caused the Phone app on the center display to freeze or crash during an incoming call.
  • Alexa:
    • Fixed an issue in which Alexa voice control for Alexa media providers didn’t work after a phone call.
    • Fixed an issue in which Alexa wouldn’t activate if the driver’s vehicle door was open or ajar.
  • User interface:
    • Fixed an issue in which the steering wheel and side mirror adjustment panels disappeared unexpectedly.
    • Fixed an issue that caused an old screen to flash when you navigated to a new one.
  • We’ve made improvements to Show and Tell: the vehicle stays awake, turns off the horn, turns off proximity access and SOS calls go to a test number.
  • Fixed a rare issue in which Vehicle Hold wouldn’t promptly engage in Snow mode.


To make an actual SOS call, exit Show and Tell, and then press the SOS button.

If you have questions about installing a new update on your Rivian vehicle, make sure to visit our FAQ page.

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Text in this color (red) means this feature/bug was removed since the last point release
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