Software Update 2023.02.03

Improved EPA – Estimated Range Numbers

Thanks to various incremental improvements over previous software updates, this update includes an updated EPA-estimated range. The update also increases the depth of discharge, which increases the usable battery energy. You see higher available miles at the top of the charge.

Key Fob Software Update

The new key fob firmware improves connection reliability and latency for faster locking and unlocking. It also improves battery life performance compared to very early versions of the firmware. If your key fob has an update available, your vehicle will notify you on the center display. You can also go to Settings > Vehicle > Updates.

IMPORTANT: When updating your key fob software, we recommend that you have your phone set up as a key or have a spare key, such as a near-field communication (NFC) card as a backup.

New Door Ajar Notification

When proximity locking and unlocking are enabled, you will now be notified via the Rivian mobile app if the vehicle fails to lock due to a door or closure that is left open, and you’ve left the vicinity of the vehicle.

Additional Improvements
  • Reduced steering effort to maintain straight-ahead driving on crowned roads.
  • Software containment for front trunk latch sensor issue resulting in reduced sleep and increased overnight range loss.
  • Addressed certain cases where Direct Current Fast Charger (DCFC) was slowed due to delayed battery cooling by up to 10 minutes.
  • Addressed a rare DC-DC converter fault that resulted in limited performance and required a vehicle reset to clear.
  • Fixed an occasional issue where changes to suspension settings were unavailable due to cold ambient temperatures.
  • Improved compatibility with BC Hydro and Flo charging networks.
  • Range estimation fixes
    • Fixed a frequent issue where range estimation was incorrectly higher in Tow Mode (Thanks for the video, Zack!).
    • Fixed a rare issue where an incorrect top-of-charge range was seen based on wheel configuration.
  • New Power Outlet Timer: In the Energy app you can now set a timer in increments of 1 hour up to 8 hours, for when your power outlets will turn off. Auto turn-off after 24 hours is still available.
  • Gear Guard improvements
    • Reduced the number of extraneous videos by up to 30% by improving the accuracy of the Gear Guard video algorithms and handling stationary objects, such as a mailbox, traffic cones, signboards, fences, and adverse weather, such as rain and snow
    • Gear Guard video recordings will include footage recorded from all cameras before the triggering event was detected.
  • Remote cabin preconditioning and heated surfaces improvements
    • New Vented Seats remote command when used with the Rivian Mobile App 1.10 and later.
    • Addressed an issue where sending cabin preconditioning and heated surfaces remote commands from the mobile app were not successful in close proximity to the vehicle.
    • Improved consistency when sending multiple heated surface commands at the same time from the mobile app.
    • Fixed an occasional issue where the defrost command was not functional.
  • Window control improvements
    • Individual recalibration or reset of all windows can now be done from the driver-side master switches. See R1 Owner Guide for recalibration or reset procedure.
    • Improved window close speed.
    • Improved window object detection and reaction.
  • Media improvements
    • Steering wheel buttons now handle seek differently for music and podcasts.
      • Music will move to the next song
      • Podcasts will skip 15 seconds
    • Fixed the issue in Spotify where the artist’s name was hidden on albums and playlists.
    • Fixed an intermittent issue where song progress goes to 00:00 after coming back from another media source.
    • Fixed an intermittent issue where Spotify did not load the content on initial load.
    • Fixed an intermittent issue where an incorrect radio state was displayed when resumed to radio from a phone call.
  • Phone screen fixes
    • Fixed an intermittent issue where an incorrect phone number was displayed on the flyout panel.
    • Fixed an intermittent issue where the selected contact card didn’t display the correct phone number (more frequent after FaceTime calls)
  • Fixed an issue where language switching did not work after the infotainment reset.
  • Addressed certain cases where Highway Assist was unavailable due to errors related to Global Navigation Satellite System corrections.
  • Addressed an issue where Park Assist chimes were provided for select zones in the rear, while rear accessory mode was enabled.

If you have questions about installing a new update on your Rivian vehicle, make sure to visit our FAQ page.

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