Software Update 2022.39.03

Easier Vehicle Access

The new feature, Kneel vehicle icon parking, enhanced vehicle access. The vehicle can lower itself when you shift into Park while it is at Standard Ride height and in All-Purpose or Conserve drive mode. The vehicle kneels regardless of the Auto ride height button selection. Kneeling pauses when you open a door.

Choose Settings from the menu on the center display. Choose Vehicle and then choose Access. Turn on Kneel vehicle upon parking.

  • Note: The vehicle returns to the previous ride height when it travels above 5 mph (8 km/h).
  • Some vehicles may need to be driven after the Software Update before Kneel vehicle upon parking can be enabled.
Enhanced Radio User Interface

Choose Media from the menu on the center display to use these new features:

  • A control that turns the radio on or off from the FM Radio user interface.
  • The ability to snap to a station through the tuner.
  • A new icon to quickly access the keypad and search for stations.
  • A grid layout that displays radio stations for easier access.
  • The content title that displays on the audio panel for HD Radio.
Automatic Screen Brightness

You can now set your screen brightness to automatically adjust to ambient light. Choose Vehicle from the menu on the center display, and then choose Lighting and Displays. In the Displays section, choose Auto next to the brightness slider.

When Auto is turned on, use the brightness slider to manually adjust the brightness level with an offset relative to the ambient light. The brightness level continues to automatically adjust, with your offset, until you turn off Auto.

Improved Gear Guard User Interface and Motion Detection

When you view an event in the Gear Guard app, the first video that plays is the one whose camera first detected motion. The app displays a vehicle image showing the different camera views available via thumbnails. Select a thumbnail and the video automatically plays in the video player. Choose Gear Guard from the menu on the center display and then choose an event to view.

We’ve also improved the user experience as follows:

  • We’ve reduced the number of extraneous videos by up to 50% by improving the accuracy of Gear Guard video algorithms and the handling of stationary objects, such as poles and trees.
  • When you enter the vehicle, the Gear Guard app now appears on the center display only if the alarm was triggered.
  • If the Gear Guard app detects motion and then records videos, the notifications appear in the notification panel on the center display.
  • We’ve resolved rare cases in which the Gear Guard app didn’t record videos.
New Controls for the Rivian Mobile App

The Rivian mobile app version 1.8.0 or later enables new commands:

  • Enable or disable video recording in the Gear Guard security system.
  • Start or stop charging, as well as set a charge limit.
Additional Improvements
  • Improved Navigation app
    • Allows you to find chargers more easily; the app uses pins that dynamically display more information at increasing levels of zoom.
    • Shows the estimated range and charge status at the time of arrival.
    • Provides a more accurate vehicle location shown at higher speeds.
    • Includes improved navigation during the loss of cellular connectivity.
  • Driver display improvements:
    • Provide better animation of pedestrians and cyclists.
    • Give a more accurate depiction of steering wheel rotation when the vehicle is turning.
    • Provide a new notification if speed is limited while the vehicle returns to a previous ride height.
  • An improved AC charging rate at higher battery temperatures.
  • Improved defog performance clears the windshield more quickly.
  • Fixed an inaccurate cabin temperature displayed in the Rivian mobile app when the vehicle is asleep.
  • Turning off the rear climate also turns off airflow to the rear vents.
  • R1S: A chime indicates that the life gate won’t open or close because the tailgate isn’t closed.
  • Addressed this issue: The Drive Modes app wouldn’t respond to touch when you enabled a Rear accessory option and then chose Towing mode.
  • Improved robustness and notifications for leveling in the Camping app.
  • Resolved the issue of false notifications about the air compressor overheating.
  • Addressed an occasional issue: Update Details did not display.
  • For your privacy, the driver monitoring camera is turned off when Highway Assist isn’t engaged.
  • Better Adaptive Cruise Control in-lane and Highway Assist lane centering during highway driving.
  • A chime that indicates Highway Assist isn’t available is now louder so it’s easier to hear.
  • A new chime indicates the immediate cancellation of Highway Assist.
  • An increased delay before the vehicle shifts to Reverse or Neutral after Highway Assist or Adaptive Cruise Control ends. This prevents unintended shifts.

If you have questions about installing a new update on your Rivian vehicle, make sure to visit our FAQ page.

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