Software Update 2022.23.05

Additional Improvements

Addressed an issue when the Rivian app occasionally displayed cold temperatures while the vehicle is idle

Software Update 2022.23.03

New Mode for Pets

When Pet Comfort is active, your vehicle maintains the last cabin temperature you set and disables the interior alarm, so pets can remain in your vehicle after you leave. The center display shows an animated message with the cabin temperature, so passersby know your pet is safe. Choose the Temperature button from the menu on the center display, and then choose the Pet Comfort button. When you return and start driving, your vehicle automatically turns off Pet Comfort.

To monitor Pet Comfort in the Rivian app on your smartphone, ensure you’re using version 1.4.1 or later.

New Front Camera View Behavior for Parking

We made it easier to park in tight parking spots with confidence. When you shift the vehicle from Reverse to Drive, the front camera view automatically appears on the center display until you exceed approximately 5 mph. This allows you to see the front camera and bird’s eye views without having to take your hands off the steering wheel. To disable this feature, choose Settings from the menu on the center display, and then choose Vehicle. Choose Driver+ and turn off Automatic Front Camera.

New Settings to Adjust Cabin Lights

We added control to adjust the brightness of cabin lights. Choose Vehicle from the menu on the center display, and then choose Lighting and Displays.

Updated Energy App

The Energy app is now a separate application; choose More from the menu on the center display, and then choose Energy. We also added a Summary Session to provide details about energy usage for charge sessions.

Additional Improvements
  • The vehicle now remains in Off-Road mode even after you have left the vehicle. The vehicle automatically switches to All-Purpose mode the next calendar day.
  • Updated algorithm to improve proximity locking and unlocking of the vehicle
  • Improved the consistency of user profile loading. The vehicle now loads the user profile associated with the phone key closest to the drive-side door when it is opened.
  • Reduced volume level of the pedestrian audio alert while still complying with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 141
  • Added control of the windshield vent on the climate panel
  • Improved cooling and air conditioning response when you enter a vehicle with a hot cabin
  • Improved Automatic High Beams behavior: To turn on Automatic High Beams, choose Settings from the menu on the center display, and then choose Vehicle. Choose Exterior Lights or Driver+, and then turn on Automatic High Beams.
    • To temporarily turn off Automatic High Beams, push or pull the lights stalk. To turn on Automatic High Beams again, push the lights stalk away from you (the Automatic High Beams settings must remain turned on).
  • Updated Car Wash mode to retract door handles, disable proximity locking and enhance support of belt conveyor systems.
    • You can now exit the vehicle while it’s in Neutral. The vehicle stays Neutral and won’t automatically lock the doors.
  • Enhanced color accuracy of camera views. Also improved brightness control for nighttime usage.
  • Improved connection stability of paired Bluetooth devices
  • For the Navigation app, charge filters now persist while the audio panel appears on the center display.
  • Fixed an occasional issue when the charger filter for +100 kW in the Navigation app doesn’t work
  • Fixed an issue when the vehicle turns off accent lighting after a software update or vehicle reset. The accent lighting defaults to ON when you update the software to version 2022.23. Then for future software updates, the existing settings will persist after the software update.
  • Fixed an issue when the vehicle locks the rear display after it sleeps
  • Fixed an issue with the behavior of the Camp Speaker lock button in the Settings app
  • Improved SOS call handling: Incoming calls that are spam or invalid are now rejected.
  • Improved Highway Assist availability logic after a highway interchange, and improved notification consistency when approaching highway junctions
  • Enabled smoother acceleration and deceleration performance in Adaptive Cruise Control and Highway Assist when you press the accelerator pedal
  • Made multiple improvements to lane centering control for Highway Assist
  • Improved pairing compatibility with garage door openers
  • Fixed a rare issue when the vehicle removes garage doors from the Garages list
  • Fixed very rare cases of corrupted content on the center display

If you have questions about installing a new update on your Rivian vehicle, make sure to visit our FAQ page.

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