Rivian Q2 Results: 9,612 Produced and 13,790 Delivered

Rivian announced today the official production and delivery totals for Q2 2024 which ended on June 30, 2024. Rivian produced 9,612 vehicles and delivered 13,790 vehicles during the 3 months. The original estimation for 10,000 vehicles which Rivian exceeded.

Rivian once again reaffirmed its guidance for 57,000 vehicles produced in 2024.

During Q2 2024, Rivian shut down its Normal, IL factory for retooling. No vehicles were produced during this time as the factory ramped back up with Gen 2 vehicles in May. Rivian was able to deliver 13,790 vehicles due to a large backlog it had created in preparation for the shutdown.

Year to date Rivian has produced 23,592 vehicles and delivered 27,378 vehicles.

Rivian plans to host its Q2 webcast on August 6, 2024, when they will release their 2nd Quarter 2024 financial results.

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