Rivian Pre-Announces Q2 Deliveries, Exceeds Expectations

During today’s 2024 Investor Day, Chief Financial Officer of Rivian Claire McDonough shared some details on Q2 2024 regarding deliveries.

Rivian delivered between 13,000 – 13,300 vehicles during Q2 versus the 10,200 expected. Production in Q2 was between 9,100 – 9,300 vehicles versus the expected 10,300 vehicles. As a reminder, Rivian shut down their factory for retooling during April which meant no vehicles were produced during that time.

McDonough reaffirmed the path to positive Q4 gross profit and also reaffirmed the guidance of 57,000 vehicles produced in Fiscal Year 2024.

Year to Date Rivian has produced between 23,100 and 23,300 vehicles. Rivian has delivered between 26,600 and 26,900 vehicles YTD in 2024.

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