Rivian Leasing Is Now Available In Hawaii

Live in the beautiful State of Hawaii and want to lease a Rivian R1T or R1S? Great news, starting today you can! Rivian is now offering leasing for residents of Hawaii but since the State of Hawaii is comprised of various islands, Rivian wants to make sure you understand the following information regarding having your vehicle serviced.

  • Rivian vehicles must be picked up at the delivery center in Honolulu.
  • You may experience extended wait times when scheduling mobile service appointments
  • You’ll be expected to arrange transport and pick-up of your vehicle when requiring a Service Center visit
  • In cases where you need roadside assistance, you’ll be towed to the nearest Rivian service location:
    • If the vehicle is both drivable and safe to operate, you’ll be expected to bring the vehicle in yourself or cover the costs for towing
    • If the vehicle is not drivable or safe to operate due to a warrantable issue, then Rivian will assess the best course of action and potentially cover the tow expense
  • Our Service team will work with you directly to review Rivian service location visits so that you’re aware of who will be responsible for vehicle transportation and associated costs. As we continue to expand our network of Service Centers, we’ll let you know when new locations open near you.

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