Rivian Introduces Driver Assist Discount for Insurance Policyholders

Rivian has introduced a new discount program designed to reward safe driving practices. The “Driver Assist Discount” is a unique incentive that offers savings on insurance renewals for Rivian owners who frequently use the Highway Assist feature.

How It Works

The more a Rivian driver utilizes Highway Assist, the greater the discount they will receive at their next insurance renewal. This program is designed to encourage using Rivian’s advanced driver assistance technologies, promoting safer driving habits on the road.


Currently, the Driver Assist Discount is available in select states, with plans to expand to additional regions soon. Detailed information about the discount, including eligibility and availability, can be found when selecting Rivian Insurance.

Contact Rivian Insurance Advisors by chat, phone, or email at (888) RIVIAN8 or [email protected].

Important Information

  1. Discounts are offered by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and its affiliates.
  2. Discounts do not apply to all coverage elements, and actual savings may vary by state, coverage selections, rating factors, and policy changes.
  3. Insurance products and discounts, such as the Driver Assist Discount, are not available for purchase in all states.

Rivian continues to innovate with its vehicles by providing unique benefits and incentives for its customers, promoting a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

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