Hundreds of Rivian Delivery Vans Spotted in Germany!

Reddit user Harry_Hirsch shared a photo on r/Rivian of many Amazon-branded Rivian Electric Delivery Vans (EDV) that have made their way to Germany! Back in July 2023, Reuters reported about Rivian sending about 300 EDVs to Germany to test out in the market and that test was successful as you can see.

Rivian and Amazon worked together to create a thinner and smaller version of the EDV to fit the smaller streets of European cities. Amazon also committed over 1 billion euros (USD 1.1 billion) to electrify its European Amazon delivery fleet with 400 million euros dedicated to Germany.

I’m personally super excited to see Rivian start appearing in the European market and in just a few years, Rivian will be bringing the R2 and R3 to Germany and the rest of Europe.

100% Elektrisch ⚡️

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