App Updates


With this release, scheduling service gets a whole lot easier. Tell us what’s wrong, pick your day and time, and you’re all set.

  • Schedule (or reschedule) a Rivian Service appointment from the app.


This release offers a whole new window into your Rivian. We’ve updated the app with a fresh design that makes it easy to check in on your vehicle.

  • See what’s happening with your vehicle at a glance, then quickly learn more or take action.
  • Wheels are here! You can finally see your real life wheels in the app.


This release is one of our most adventurous yet. We’re making it easy to plan your next trip from the app.

  • Get a route to your next destination, complete with recommended charging stops.
  • You can select your preferred charging network and what range you’d like to arrive with.
  • Once you have a you love, you can send it to your vehicle.
  • To start planning, make sure your vehicle is updated to 2023.22.


This app release offers more access to vehicle features–including your charging schedule and Gear Tunnel. Note that you’ll need to be updated to 2023.18 for these.

  • Set your charging schedule in the app and fine-tune timing, location, and amperage.
  • Pop open your Gear Tunnel doors from afar.
  • See when a chat session is live with in-app alerts.