App Updates


This release makes it even easier to plan (and fine-tune) your next big electric adventure. Note: You’ll see these features once you update to 2023.46.

  • Pick your destination, then add any extra stops you’ll make along the way.
  • Plan ahead whenever you like – now you can save (and name) your upcoming trips
  • Share feedback with Rivian straight from the app
  • Add more control with new iOS Shortcuts


This release is all about checking the doors and making sure everything’s secure. Update your vehicle to 2023.38 and you’ll also get a fun surprise the next time you go through the car wash.

  • See what’s open (whether it’s a door or the Gear Tunnel) and get easy access to vehicle controls.
  • View your vehicle in Car Wash mode.
  • Create Shortcuts for select vehicle closures.


This release includes some performance improvements and updates to make your experience a better one. Stay adventurous.


This release will make it easier to see how different drive modes might change your trip plans. Plus, there’s the usual performance improvements.

  • Select a drive mode when you plan your road trips to get even more accurate range and charging estimates