Software Update 2023.06.02

Additional Improvement

Improved the reliability of the key fob software update. If the key fob update previously failed, you can try the update again without contacting Rivian Service; go to Settings > Vehicle > Updates.

New Proximity Locking and Unlocking via Key Fob

Proximity locking and unlocking are now available via your key fob. To turn on his feature, go to Settings > Vehicle > Access. Also, if the battery level of the key fob is low, a notification appears on the driver display, and you can see a low battery indicator when you go to Settings > Drivers and Keys.

We’ve also improved the proximity locking experience for both phones and key fobs: locking is more consistent, and we’ve decreased the number of unintended locking occurrences.

We’ve introduced the following new features in navigation:

  • Place search is now powered by Google Maps™
  • You can now easily switch between charger status pins on the map to preview information. Choose a charger. Then choose Start to begin a new route to that charger.
  • We’ve enhanced the detection of your vehicle’s arrival at its destination. The Navigation app now ends your trip when you park your vehicle near the destination.
Enhanced Front Camera View

We’ve improved the front camera view on the center display:

  • Increased the horizontal and vertical fields of view for the front camera to provide a better perspective of the bumper relative to any obstacles.
  • Improved the image quality of the front camera and increased the number of usable pixels by 50%.
Additional Improvements
  • Driver+ Improvements
    • Increased the Highway Assist hands-off warning time period from 10 to 20 seconds for your convenience.
    • Your vehicle now notifies you that the rear Park Assist warnings aren’t available while the Rear accessory setting is enabled.
    • Reduce the time window from 2 seconds to 1 second to engage Highway Assist when you push the drive stalk twice. This enhances usability when you initiate Adaptive Cruise Control with the first push of the drive stalk, accelerate the vehicle to the desired speed, and then push the drive stalk again to set the higher speed.
  • Your vehicle now retains calibration for the windows, seats, and steering wheel after the loss of 12 V battery power.
  • Fixed a rare issue that briefly triggered limited performance mode when you started driving in cold ambient temperatures.
  • Fixed a rare issue when quickly turning to defrost on or off and changing the set temperature to the maximum.
  • Media Improvements
    • In Spotify, added a progress bar for podcast episodes or audiobooks.
    • In Spotify and TIDAL, added a notification to confirm when a song is added to a queue.
    • Fixed an issue where the FM radio channel frequency wasn’t displayed properly.
    • Choosing the logo of a media source now goes to the Home tab of that app.
    • Fixed a rare issue when the Bluetooth media art wasn’t displayed properly if you quickly switched between media sources.
  • Bluetooth audio is now transferred from your phone to the vehicle only when you open either of the front doors.
  • Fixed a rare issue when the paired phone didn’t appear in the Bluetooth panel.
  • Fixed a rare issue with loss of cellular connectivity in Canada after the vehicle woke from sleeping.
  • Fixed a rare issue with Gear Guard videos not being properly saved to USB external storage drives.

If you have questions about installing a new update on your Rivian vehicle, make sure to visit our FAQ page.