Software Update 2022.03.01

Tire Pressure Status Now Available on Driver Display

To view the current pressure of all tires while the vehicle is traveling, long-press the left or right thumb control on the left controls of the steering wheel.

New App Name and Icon to Access Gear Guard Video

The Videos app is now named the Gear Guard app and uses a new icon. While the vehicle is parked, you can access the Gear Guard video by choosing Gear Guard from the menu on the center display. This release also includes multiple improvements for the accuracy of Gear Guard motion detection.

Additional Improvements

This software release includes the following:

  • Enhanced infotainment system stability and usability
  • Improved regenerative braking performance when the battery is at a high state of charge
  • Improved DC fast charging curve and behavior in low temperatures
  • Improved AC charging performance and efficiency
  • Enhanced climate performance for increased cabin comfort
  • Enhanced defog and defrost to quickly clear your windshield
  • Improved sleep consistency, resulting in a reduction of range loss while the vehicle is parked
  • Improved vehicle access performance for a more consistent user experience
  • Improved Highway Assist performance, availability, and notifications
  • Improved Adaptive Cruise Control performance and availability
  • Improved vehicle suspension consistency and fault management
  • Improved audio volume management for a better listening experience
  • Improved Bluetooth hands-free audio stability
  • Reduced interior lighting brightness at night for greater eye comfort in Auto mode
  • Improved cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity performance
  • Improved the Camp Speaker User Interface (UI)
  • Improved UI on the driver display for exterior lighting selection using the lights stalk
  • Improved UI on the driver display for front wiper mode selection using the wiper switch on the lights stalk

If you have questions about installing a new update on your Rivian vehicle, make sure to visit our FAQ page.