This update is for 2025 Model Year R1T/R1S

Software Update 2024.19.05

We are proud to introduce our latest features that optimize your on- and off-road adventures, and we will continue to add features and further improve your vehicle via future software updates.

New Suspension Software for Better Ride Comfort

We made these enhancements to the vehicle suspension software:

  • Fine-tuned damping for all drive modes to provide an improved driving experience.
  • Re-tuned Ride Feel options to offer a broader range of body control settings.
  • Improved software sensing and added automatic adjustment of damping control for varying load conditions, such as when carrying additional passengers, gear, or when towing a trailer.
  • Improved terrain management for a smoother experience on uneven or rough roads.
  • Improved pitch management during acceleration and braking, resulting in a smoother launch off the line and reduced nosedive when decelerating.
Refreshed Visual Interface with 3D Cel Shading

We refreshed the visual interface in the following ways:

  • Redesigned our vehicle apps using 3D cel shading powered by Unreal Engine to provide a more dynamic user environment and interactive user experience. All in-vehicle displays and the Rivian mobile app now support this new design philosophy.
  • Redesigned the driver display power bar, gear indicator, and Navigation to provide bolder visualizations to seamlessly work with live camera views.
  • Updated the in-vehicle displays with an all-new, Rivian proprietary Adventure font!
Live Camera View Added to the Blind Spot Monitoring

Now when you activate a turn signal, the driver display shows a live camera view of the area to the side of the vehicle (in the direction of the turn). This helps you change lanes and turn the vehicle more safely. Bline Spot Monitoring is on by default. To turn it off, go to Settings > Driver+.

Climate Control Improvements

Improved, ergonomically placed climate controls no include:

  • Vent presents for quick one-tap positioning of the face vents.
  • Direct access to side mirror heating.
  • Ability to switch between seat heating and seat cooling from the bottom of the center display.
  • Ability to turn steering wheel heating on or off from the domain bar.
New Surround View Camera System

We optimized the surround view camera system with state-of-the-art 3 MP (megapixel) @ 60 fps (frames per second) sensors, high-quality custom optics. and a new image processing system.

  • 200% increase in resolution
  • 100% increase in frame rate
  • 200% increase in visual range
  • More natural appearance of colors
  • Ultra low-light imaging
Enhanced Camera Views for the Gear Guard Security System

Now you can discern more details in nighttime scenes and more easily read license plates with the ultra low-light imaging and high dynamic range of the new camera sensors.

Enhanced Field of View and Turn Signal Indicators on the Driver Display

We made the following improvements to the driver display:

  • Your new Rivian vehicle has 360º detection of its surroundings. For greater confidence as you drive on roads, you can view the vehicles in front of, behind, and to the sides of your vehicle.


These features are designed to support you as the driver and don’t replace the need for you to pay attention to the road and vehicle surroundings.

  • We enhanced the look of the turn signal indicators so they are more visible and easier to notice.
New Exterior Lights

New exterior lights enhance visibility and your driving experience:

  • The vehicle includes dynamic steering headlights. Both the low beams and high beams follow the steering angle to brighten the path while you turn the vehicle.
  • Turn signals illuminate in sequence to make the direction of a turn more noticeable.
  • When the vehicle is charging, the center light bars illuminate in sequence to indicate its charge status. Certain segments stay lit to indicate the charging level. To turn off Light Bar When Charging, go to Settings > Vehicle > Displays and Lighting > Interactive Lighting.
New Accent Lighting Themes

We added these new features to enhance the lighting of the vehicle cabin:

  • You can customize the color theme of the accent lights. Go to Settings > Vehicle > Displays and Lighting. Choose the current theme, and more options appear. Select a theme to preview it and hear its corresponding audio, which you can mute. Also, when the accent lights are turned on, use the slider to adjust brightness.
  • In low-light conditions, the cabin lights automatically turn on when you shift the vehicle into Park. To turn off Lights On Upon Park, go to Settings > Vehicle > Displays and Lighting.
Thermal System Upgrade to a Heat Pump

To increase efficiency and performance, especially during cold weather conditions, we upgraded the thermal system on the vehicle to a heat pump system. We are excited to introduce this technology as part of our efforts to continually improve the thermal system.

Third-Row Heated Seats

On the rear display and in the Rivian mobile app 2.10.0, you now have the option to heat the left or right seats of the third row. Choose Heat Seat.

New Low Voltage System

To improve performance and durability, we reduced the complexity of the 12 V battery system to provide the following benefits:

  • Idle energy consumption is reduced with increased efficiency.
  • The 12 V battery system is protected if the high voltage system runs out of charge; this helps reduce the possibility of service replacement for the 12 V battery system.
  • You can conveniently jump start the vehicle from the rear trailer hitch. Go to the Owner’s Guide on the center display or via the Rivian mobile app and search for “jump start”.
Options for Automatic Software Updates

The center display and Rivian mobile app 2.10.0 include options to automatically install updates. When the vehicle notifies you that an update is available, you can schedule it for later or you can schedule all future updates for as specific time. Go to Settings > Vehicle > Updates on the center display to manage the settings.


  • The vehicle notifies you before any update is installed.
  • The vehicle waits at least eight (8) hours between the software download and installation to ensure you are aware the update is scheduled.
New Control for Child Door Locks

To lock and prevent passengers inside the vehicle from opening the rear doors, go to Vehicle > Shortcuts > Child Door Locks from the status bar on the center display.

Rivian Mobile App Features
  • The Rivian mobile app notifies you if you should charge the vehicle battery to 100% to re-calibrate it and keep range estimates accurate.
  • With the Rivian mobile app version 2.10.0 or later, you can now use a trailer profile that you created in the vehicle center display to plan a towing trip.


The app also offers a generic, “default” trailer profile that you can use if you don’t have any custom trailers defined.

New Data and Privacy Controls for Exterior and Interior Cameras

We updated the Data and Privacy screen with two (2) new privacy controls for exterior and interior cameras.

  • To help improve and develop Driver+ features, you may choose to share exterior camera data from your vehicle with Rivian and our service providers.
  • Your vehicle is equipped with an interior camera in the rearview mirror. This camera is off by default. When you opt into sharing interior camera data, images of the vehicle cabin and data derived from these images are shared with Rivian to develop and improve the vehicle’s safety systems, including the driver monitoring system.

To review and confirm your data privacy settings, go to Settings > Data and Privacy.

We improved the quality of our Google power search results in the Navigation app.